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Halil Kiris (Turkey)

Halil Kiris - Turkey

Kiriş's 3-year-old daughter told her teacher at kindergarten about her dream influenced by the cartoon character the Hulk. The teacher interpreted the child's fantasy world in a paranoid way and called experts from the Barnavernet. The child was seized and police officers detained Kiriş after raiding his workplace.

It is reminiscent of the "Twilight Zone." Kiriş was kept under surveillance for three days and his demand for an attorney was not fulfilled. However, the longest surveillance period in Norway is 48 hours, and a demand by a lawyer must be fulfilled immediately. Kiriş arrived in Turkey by means of his lawyer after he was released. And with the intervention of Turkey's Foreign Ministry and the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), the little child was returned to her family. According to reports, the kindergarten teacher was suspended from duty.

The Kiriş family is lucky to have saved their child. Marius Reikaras, who appeared in the television show "Avrupa'da Gündem" (Agenda in Europe) on ATV Europe last Sunday, has dozens of lawsuits similar to that instance. Some of them are being transferred to the European Court of Human Rights. In coming days he is to make a presentation on human right violations in Norway at the European Parliament.

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