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Cecilie Bedsvaag (Romania/Norway)


With sadness and indignation Delight in Truth brings you the story of Cecilie Bedsvaag and the injustice done to her by Barnevernet. This is the story of her mixed Romanian-Norwegian daughter who was abusively confiscated and placed in foster care in England. The world needs to know about these cases and rise up in protest against the Norwegian CPS for destroying families.


Cecilie Bedsvaag:

“I can testify that everything said [about CPS] is how it is in Norway today. Barnevernet is an evil organization which removes children permanently from good parents.

It has been eleven years since the first time I came in contact with this demonic institution. On February 21, 2005 my mother reported me to Vinderen barneverntjeneste. It was her birthday. Only a few days before I had given her a portrait of my beautiful daughter, 5 months old, as birthday present. She betrayed me, and in the meeting with the social workers told the most disgusting lies.

I got a telephone call the next day. The social workers were on their way to my house. They were coming in a taxicab. I was devastated, and when they read me the notice of concern aloud I started to cry. Of course, this was taken as proof of mental instability by the two imbeciles from barnevernet. My case was finally dismissed eight months later that year after I had endured two so-called investigations.

Barnevernet left my family alone for almost two years when my mother decided to report me for sexually abusing my daughter. This time my daughter was taken to an emergency shelter where she stayed for two months. I won in the County Board (fylkesnemnda) and got her back.

Barnevernet persevered and a new trial was scheduled in January 2008. Again I won. However I was pressured into having my daughter examined which I did. Nothing was wrong with her. She had an intelligence well above average. But barnevernet were not satisfied. My mother continued sending false notices of concern, and in October that year I lost 2-3 in fylkesnemnda.

Next I was threatened by the judge to have a psychological examination. One clinical psychologist and one psychiatrist were appointed. I did not accept the psychologist who was infamous for always siding with barnevernet. She was biased. The psychiatrist was a communist who had bought himself surrogate twins from India. He was going to raise the children alone, without a mother.

The judge tricked me into coming to Oslo after she had disclosed the report to barnevernet, and my daughter was confiscated without a court decision. The trial lasted four days and took place behind closed doors. I was not represented by a lawyer. Barnevernet’s witnsses were mostly anonymous. Their identity was not disclosed to me. During the trial the judge kept laughing. It was a trivial case for her, “en sånn barnevernsak” she said first time I met her.

It was only three weeks since my daughter had been taken away from me, and I was in psychological pain. Still they expected me to shake hands with the social worker who had taken my daughter. I did not, and the visitation was reduced from 4 to 2 hours every second month. I saw my daughter six times. Then all visitation rights were denied.

Today my daughter lives in England with a surrogate family. The address has been secret for seven years and we are not allowed any direct contact. I send letters and gifts every month and barnevernet reads my letters and open the packages. My daughter is doing well in school and she is fine. She wrote me a letter telling me that she would like to speak with me. Barnevernet will not let us meet until she is 18 years old.

They have also threatened me with forced adoption. I am treated like a criminal. The leader of barnevernet keeps telling everyone that I have battered her. When I go to London on shopping trip barnevernet alerts the UK police. All the female passengers on my flight on October 22, 2015 from Rygge in Norway had to show their passport to two waiting police officers at Stansted Airport because of barnevernet’s paranoia of kidnapping.

This is my story so far. I give my full support to the Bodnarius. I am not broken but fit for fight, and I will continue to use my pen, not sword, in the fair war against this tyranny.

So help me God.”


Cecilie speaks about her story:


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