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Casper and Line (Norway)




To tell our story i have to start in December 1999, when the twins were born, one girl and a boy. They came rushing 9 weeks premature, but normal delivery and we were told they were healthy and strong kids, little did I know how wrong they were. It turned out that our baby girl, Line, had a very rear condition called MURCS association. There are only 3 girls in the whole world that have this. It took us a long time to realize that Line had this, and it is an ongoing process to this day. Line also has an older brother and a younger brother who is 10. Me and the 3 youngest father got married in 1998 and got separated in 2014. This was the start on Lines nightmare.

Lines father couldn’t accept that I didn’t want to stay with him and go another way then he did, and Line got to be his weapon. I found another man I we feel really in love and all the kids loved him, especially Line and Casper. My ex got real upset and denied me seeing the kids, when that didn’t work he turned the other way and said that he didn’t want any of the kids, he was and still are a phsycophat. It all ended with full custody for Line and Casper to me and he could see them when he wanted. I have not, until today, said a bad word about him to anyone, I accepted everything he did to me but not the kids!

Line was so happy when she moved in with us, she got happy again. She has asked a few times why CPS didn’t help here when she lived with him? He got 8 or 9 worry reports in this period…I said that I didn’t know but now she was safe and it was a different county.

My ex has during this year tried to do everything to hurt me and my boyfriend (Lars). He has used Lars past with crime and drugs and threatened to tell everyone what he knows. Which isn’t much. Lars has been honest with me and the kids during this time, we know more than everything about his past. He has been to jail several times during the last 20 years. He has a daughter of his that is 12 and she just loves coming here after we got together. They have had nothing to do with CPS during these 12 years. Lars is someone that you might be a bit scared of because of his past and his size, but believe you me he couldn’t hurt anyone that he loves. We thought everything was fine and we lived on with our lives happy and carefree, I got to finish school and got my certification so I can work as a doctor’s secretary. During this time, I went to CPS and asked for a meeting in Lines group of expert, she has had this since she was born. They promised they would arrange this, but till this day this meeting hasn’t happened.

Lars lost his best friend in the end of August and we were heartbroken and not looking forward to the funeral, September 1 the This day will forever be remembered as D day for our family.

We got Line and Casper of to school, Lars father had left early for another funeral, he lives with us, retired judge. When we got them off to school I turned on some music and got ready for the shower. Then my phone rang, it was a woman at CPS that commanded me in to her office. I said that they would have to wait because I was getting ready for a funeral, this was not an option she said. Lars called our attorney that told us that this couldn’t be that important that they couldn’t wait until the funeral was done, I told here this and went in the shower. CPS called back when I got dressed and said that if didn’t come in they would come to us, Lars said that we will stop by but we have to go to this funeral.

We hurried and got dressed and rushed in. When we walked in the door I told Lars that we have to record this meeting and we both turned on our phones to record. I told CPS leader that the meeting would be recorded and used if necessary. They separated me and Lars to each office, I was really upset and said that this was abuse of power. When they gave me the ONE concern that they had received, I got really upset and said this could really wait until this afternoon. The report they had

gotten was from Nav, concerning Lars. This was regarding his ADHD and his medicine Ritalin. His case worker at Nav, Helga Golten, sent CPS this 31 of August, the day before this meeting. When I read it I said this isn’t any concern, just call his doctor and physyciatrist and ask them, this is a misunderstanding. I kept reading and tried to find something that was wrong with our kid’s health or welfare, but nothing! Except the fact that I had lost weight!!! And yes, from January 2014 till September 1 2015 I have lost about 40 kg, due to exercise and healthy living!!!

Then they proceed to say that my ex was going to pick up Casper from school and that Line would be placed in an emergency home, I was so shocked that I didn’t believe my ears. Then Lars came and said that we had to go, I slammed the door and started crying, Lars said this was a good meeting he had signed the papers about going to drug tests and that they could monitor the kids in our home! I screamed at him and said they were taking the kids, he didn’t believe me at first, and then he turned around and said to them that they would lose this battle, and that this Helga Golten would lose here job.

That was the last time until 06 of October when I called in to an emergency meeting, that the CPS had talked to me. Lars got a restraining order on 03 of September for a year against NAV and Helga Golten, who by the way is CPS Renate best friend, she is Lines case worker.

They filled Line with lies and said that the best thing would be to not go home that day, she said okay if they meant that was the best. She got put on a plane and shipped to Stavanger, 5 hours away from home. She thought this was for one day, not permanently. We did everything our lawyer said and he has really been pushing for this case. I got all the papers from the doctor and everything that we needed to prove that they were wrong, even the doctor was pissed because they lied and said they got the results from him, which they didn’t. Then the case took a weird turn, it seems like when they realized what they had done, they turned to me. Suddenly the issue in the first place was forgotten, now it was me and drugs. And to my defense I have never tried or will I try drugs. This was apparently based on my ex statement. And they still didn’t get in touch exempt from mail to my lawyer. They demanded me to do drug tests before I could meet Line. They wanted me to do this three times a week for no marked date. I told them that I would gladly give them my piss, but not three times because then I would lose my authorization. When Line heard this she got so mad, she had told them for all this time that she wanted to go home and that she would kill here self if this continued. She had by then started smoking, cutting herself really bad, lonely, aggressive and fighting. She blamed CPS for everything that had happened to here. She called me 5-10 times day and night and begged me to get here home. She ended up with asking me to help here escape when she was coming to Bergen, I wanted, but like I said I couldn’t do it because she and me would get in more trouble with CPS. I called my lawyer and Lines lawyer and told them that Line had planes to escape, Beate Hamre, who is Lines lawyer, listened but didn’t say anything. And what happened, Line escaped and was gone. No one from CPS called me and said that she was missing, I found out thru a friend of Line, Cps called me the next day at 10.30.

The day Line ran away I had called in CPS to a meeting with me and my father in law, and my attorney on the phone. In this meeting, that we of course, recorded, we demanded that they had to start doing something to help Line. This is an emergency situation and I referred them to their own fast decision from 31 to the 1, when they decided to remove my kids. This was really an emergency and I said that they were going to kill Line if they don’t react. When it got uncomfortable for them they wanted to end the meeting. We sat for two hours discussing Line and they didn’t say anything about what they were going to do. The only sensible thing and surprising, was that they hadn’t anything to say about Casper. That wasn’t a CPS case, it was a custody thing. I started laughing and said that you must be kidding!! Why haven’t you said this from day one, oh it isn’t our fault, we just

called dad and recommended that he got Casper from school that day!!! Even m ex lawyer had some questions about the legal issue here. I informed them that I have to get this in writing so I can deliver it to the police when I press charges for kidnapping. They didn’t want to answer anything more about that matter. I was really happy when I left the meeting, this because we had proved on tape, that they had nothing. This was the day Line escaped….

When she turned herself in the next day show was promised that they would finally listen to here. She met CPS at their office, and me and a family friend was outside waiting. She called me and panicked because she was left in a warm room and wasn’t allowed to get air and advise from someone. I called my lawyer that said that it was here right to have someone with here. She called me and CPS still said no, then I said but here on the speaker, I told Inger, CPS leader that Lines rights will be upheld or I would come in myself!! After some time, we got a phone call that said that Michelle could come in, she has been under CPS herself. She really fought for Line, but it didn’t help. They punished Line even harder and sent further away from her friends and family. She cried and screamed to me that she would kill herself, she can’t take this anymore. She is now in Egersund with a family there, this family is better than the first, but like Line said, that is not the point. She isn’t being heard about what she wants and when she tells them, Renate say, I know that you deep down don’t want to go home because you like the attention.

We are now waiting to go to a judge but after what I have heard from others, this will be the fight for our life’s. Like I said we have the documents and recordings to prove that CPS is way off in this case, but so much is destroyed already for our family. For Line and for Casper, who in CPS is thinking of them? They are more concerned about taking Lars and they didn’t expect him to keep calm and doing the right in this case.

There are so much more to write and a lot that I probably forgotten during this writing, but I will keep fighting for my kids. And I forgot to mention, me and Lars are so scary that they had civil police present during the first meeting, I didn’t know that before we read it in the report.

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