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Bratři Hernehultovi (Sweden)

Eddie Hernehult a jeho dva bratři - Švédsko/Rumunsko

Eddie Hernehult, syn Švéda a Rumunky, byl 4. 11. 2013 svým rodičům odebrán, když mu bylo 14 let. Eddie je autista a trpí Ehlersovým-Danlosovým syndromem, který má za důsledek nedostatek kolagenu a příliš ohebné končetiny. Švédští občané Dan a Cassandra Hernehultovi mají ještě dva syny, kteří byli odebráni norským Barnevernem - jeden měl rýmu a nepřišel do školy a druhému prý příliš dlouho trvalo se oblékat. Jako důvod odebrání bylo uvedeno zanedbání péče.

Eddie byl nejprve předán pěstounům na odlehlý norský ostrov, kde, jak říkal, neměl krom koček žádné kamarády. Eddie tak v pěstounské péči velmi strádal, což bylo znát i po zdravotní stránce, pěstouni, kterým byl přidělen, byli totiž silní kuřáci. Chlapec byl proto nakonec předán do pečovatelského domu pro postižené děti. Při jeho násilném odebrání od rodičů se pracovníci nezdráhali použít i fyzického násilí. Jeho rodiče o něj v současné době stále bojují.


Desperate father founded his own web

We live in Sauherad kommune, Telemark, Norway. Other small villages around are Bø, Gvarv, Nordagutu and Akkerhaugen. We moved to a house here in feb 2013. Started to work, putted the kids in a little school etc. Kids happy and active.

Suddenly after just about 2 months the Child Welfare System, Midt-Telemark Barneverntjeneste or Barnevernet, knocked at the door and wondering about our three kids. Especially the oldest one who has EDS. We wanted to co-operate, no problems.

We took initiative to check him out more and came up with ideas. But they did not like so much to co-operate and help him. Instead they came with police just a few months later and destroyed the door and fighting down the kids and carried them out. They putted a document in our hands with almost 100% statements without any trace of proof.

I will put as much as I can of it here of the reasons used to take the kids. Everything here can be documented and checked. Just contact me and I will show you.

Another reason I’m doing this list is because I have discovered that many people have no idea how the Child Welfare System works. Some are helped, that’s true. But many think it’s much of violence and alcohol as a reason behind to take kids. But after statistic from it’s around 1% alcohol and 4% violence. Many say ”it must be something else behind”. But it’s often nothing else behind. Many times a trifle or just nothing or pure misunderstanding and language problems.

People also think there are good investigations and proof behind such serious stuff with kids like ours. But I have learned there are often no investigations at all. Just assumptions. Many lawyers told me this is an area where evidence is of low value. I was told: ”51% is enough here but in other criminal stuff like robbery or murder we need to be 99% sure.”

Some of the arguments are quite funny but they are repeated so much and often so it must be of very high importance. I will start slowly and fill out more and more day by day and when I have time.

Again, if someone want to control the statements and facts behind, just contact me and I will show you more facts than you probably can digest.

CWS: The kids are walking around in shorts at home and that’s remarkable.

My comment:
It’s no date or name when this was observed but I guess one person saw this in May/June. We lived many years in a warmer southern country before Norway so our kids are used to do this. Is it forbidden to use shorts at home when it’s warm?

CWS: The kids have lost their eye-glasses.

My comment:
They have never lost any eye-glasses. They are still here at home if someone like to see?

CWS: One of the kids got a bicycle from foster parents after 6 months and started to learn to use it.

My comment:
Interesting. All of our kids used and had bikes since 3-4 years prior this. Pictures…?

CWS: The two smallest started after 6 months to write their names.

My comment:
Really? We have books and drawings since many years at home where they wrote their own beautiful names and other names. Like to see?

CWS: The smallest one could not so quick open up his trousers and outdoor wear to pee when the class visited the forest.

My comment:
They gave him new pants and new snow pants with hard sitting buttons and tight zip. No problems at home but how many seconds is the limit for a 6 years old?

CWS: The smallest one is coming to school 11:00 o’clock every day he is there.

My comment:
The report from school says he came only one day at 11:00. The majority of days he is coming at start 8:30. He had papers from doctor this period that he had a tough 4 weeks virus and should take it easy and rest much and stay home some days.

CWS: The kids have been moving a lot.

My comment:
We have not been moving a lot. Show me exactly where we lived?
To visit someone a few days… does that mean to move there?

CWS: When the school made grilled sausages in an outdoor activity, it seemed new to my kids.

My comment:
It’s not new to them. They did it at home and to friends also. Maybe they were sitting  some seconds and thinking about their lost lovely parents and how they miss the old school and friends we gave them. Like to see our pics?

CWS: The middle child seems not to find any friends the first days in school.

My comment:
I did not expect a child to make a bunch of friends in a new country, a new language, a new school, a new house, new people the first day. He is social, writes the school later. Why focus only on the first day?

CWS: The middle kid could not open his schoolsack.

My comment:
He managed take care of his sack at home by himself all the time and putting books in and out.

CWS: The smallest one took on his clothes too slowly.

My comment:
At home I saw him do this quick in total darkness under a cover and to our friends super quick that amazed them. Shall we make a contest?

CWS: The two smallest learned to put shampoo in the hair when in fostercare.

My comment:
They did at home also since a long time. They love bathing. Some pics?

CWS: They two smallest learned to brush their teeth themselves in fostercare.

My comment:
That do not sound good! Dentists in Sweden and Norway tell parents to help all kids to brush their teeth until they are 10-12 years old. I think it’s a good advice to help as we did at our home?

CWS: The kids did not say Hello the first morning they woke up in the new place!

My comment:
I’m not surprised. With violence to move them from a good home with good parents and good friends to something lesser good is of course chocking for them, right?

CWS: They have no activities.

My comment:
Any real proof of that? Staying outdoors playing 4-7 hours a day, visit friends, organized in different forms  etc, etc. Maybe too much activities?

CWS: They are isolated.

My comment:
Any proof of that? It’s not easy to isolate our kids when you have thousands of pics, films and friends around local and abroad, visiting almost all Europe and knowing many languages?

CWS: It’s a mess in the home.

My comment:
Any proof of that? It’s not easy to have mess with just a few things. It’s nice and clean home. Like to see?

CWS: The oldest one was sitting in a wheelchair.

My comment:
It’s not so easy to use a wheelchair if you never had, owned or used one at home, right?

CWS: The parents did not help to give away the kids!

My comment:
I don’t think any normal parent give away their kids from a good home and care, do you?

CWS: The mother is sitting very close to the child!

My comment:
If you havn’t seen each other for several weeks I think it’s ok to sit close and talk?

CWS: The parents are arranging the hair and looking in it and touching it on one kid!

My comment:
He had chewing gum in his hair from his fosterhome. Is it forbidden to help him with this and show affection when seeing your own kids?

CWS: The smallest one played by himself!

My comment:
Yes, it’s true. He felt safe and he played with some toy blocks 1,5 meters from us a few minutes. Then with his brother and then with his parents. That’s how kids do when playing, right?

CWS: The smallest one is using Pampers!

My Comment:
He did not use it to us. He is 6 years old. Did he got traumatized in the new place, I think so?


To be continued…

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