Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria - Norway | Stop Barnevernet

Ken Joar Olsen and his Aria - Norway


"My story with Barnevernet starts when i was 8 year old, they start bullying my mother wich i was living alone with on an small island called Vigra... After a year of this, my mother packs som bags and she flees to Denmark with me...

14 days later in the hotel we stay in, police officers and Danish Barnevernet come storming in and forcefully remove me... They place me in an acute institution, this place is terrible they beat me for not brushing my teeth good enough... At this time , i did not understand what they where saying... And i was scared of the dark, they locked me up in my DARK bedroom... I was screaming and crying, so they threaten me to "silence" i still remember looking out the key hole all night... Just to see some light, after a week they moved me to a much bigger institution... Forced me to start ALONE in a Danish school, BIG school 500 students... Still scared and not speaking or understanding the language... I was of course bullied a lot and fighting for that reason, get expelled then they move me to another institution... This place was a real HELL, with a lot of abuse sexually and physically... My mother gave birth to my little sister when i was eleven years old... And i told her of some of the abuse, not the sexually of course, but still SHE CAME to my rescue and got me out of there... But already then i was "ruined" and had become a "problem child"... So i was moved to a foster home, which was "ok"... But all the way i felt and knew i was only an income for them, me and 3 others... and exactly that was proven... When the construction of their house was finished and they get a baby of they're own. The 3 children under 18 we where thrown out, i was moved to a new institution... Living there until i was 16 years old, then they kicked me out in my own apartment... That off course ended bad in a jail sentence of 1 years and 6 months. Released into a new foster family which ended fast they got divorced, and i have been on and of in a violent past with criminal gangs, drugs more jail etc. like most of us grown up under the BV... But in 2004 they deported me back to Norway, STILL no HELP or anyonne caring about my past...


Now in January 2015 we had our princess Aria, A beautiful baby so of course Barnevernet came to the hospital after 2 days and took her away... On the reason of my own upbringing under the "care" of Barnevernet, Which is completely sick... THEY say that children under their care will have a chance in the future to NOT be able of caring for a child... THAT'S WHY I HATE SO STRONG, I KNOW WHAT THEY DO TO OUR CHILDREN... BEEN THERE TRIED THAT..."

Ken now can see her little girl as we know, the classical time, for 4 hours per year ....


Aria´s empty baby cot

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